Last week I was in St. Joseph, MO. on a last-minute repair call. I got back on Thursday and within two hours I was asked to go to Waverly, OH. to assist in getting several production lines of robots up and running which had suffered water damage from a fire earlier in the week. So I helped there Friday and Saturday.
Today I got in the office and within four hours I was scheduling a trip to Peoria, IL. and am currently waiting my flight to Chicago to meet up with the Peoria connecting flight. If all goes well, I will be on my way back Wednesday morning.

I have fourteen days of vacation left for this year. I should probably schedule a few soon.

We didn’t have email when I was in school

We had to carry our papers uphill, in the snow, on reams of scrolled papyrus.

The closest thing we had to tumblr was little jokes and comics that were faxed or photocopied, or both, and passed along by hand to be faxed and copied again. Or self-published magazines called ‘zines, which would effectively be a personal or group tumblr. BoingBoing used to be a ‘zine. I liked it a lot back then.

You had to ask people things in person! Or pass them a note, or wait till everyone was drunk if you were too scared to ask sober.

There were no cell phones, no texting, and pictures needed to be developed unless you had a Polaroid, and film was fucking expensive.

I played blocky video games at a screen resolution that would fit into the bottom corner of your smartphone’s display.

MTV used to play music videos 24/7, one after another after another.

The drinking age was 19 for beer and 21 for everything else. You could usually find someone with an older brother who could get beer, and they didn’t fuck the rest of your life up over it if you got caught.


Why you want one: They’re really smart and make up for being awkward + not really sexy by having a lot of interesting things to say.
Spoiler Alert: You’ll get tired of them making jokes about ninjas and Lord of the Rings. Probable addiction to World of Warcraft.
Where to find one: At their friend’s house drinking whiskey Cokes and watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.
Pickup technique: Wear something slutty + talk about science/robots/the singularity.

I liked Starcraft far better than Warcraft. If there were a World of Starcraft, then maybe, but I prefer Ratchet & Clank on the PS2 and 3. I don’t make genre-related jokes unless actually watching a film, in the manner of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (also a favorite show).

You won’t find me watching Shark Week on Discovery. It would either be Adult Swim or I’d be binge-watching LOST on Netflix. I like sci-fi movies, especially if they’re set in outer space. I used to drink Jack & Coke, but whilst playing darts, and this was before I was old enough to drink. Now it’s stouts or porters, sometimes a Corona with Tabasco (not lime), but now I wonder if Sriracha would work… in Sapporo (to keep spicy condiments and beers geographically coupled).

The pickup technique is accurate.

I have an odd feeling that my corrections have more to say about an INTP than the dating guide ever could.