I have listed another raven on ebay: 


I will be making more of these.
This is Innsmouth the Raven! He’s just as curious as most ravens tend to be but perhaps a little more jolly than most! Innsmouth likes to sing weird songs about fish people and tell dirty limericks. He’s nearly always laughing at something… a great companion for a person who might be a little sad and needs some joy. Innsmouth loves smoked eels, steamed mussels and pretty much any stinky fishy sea food. He likes to peck small children so get ready for that.

His necklace is made from a carved pine prayer box that unscrews to reveal a mystery item! Also made from brass beads, quartz, wood and stone carved beads.

Innsmouth is 8.25” ( 21cm) tall when standing on his feet. 

This is a handmade, one of a kind piece of art. The face and feet are an original sculpt cast in resin that is then hand painted. Each cast piece is sealed with clear coat. The body is a soft, non articulated floppy style stuffed with soft polyfill and plastic pellets in the bottom. Faux fur body with stiff felt wings with hand painted accents. This raven doll stands up well on his own two feet

Every one of my dolls comes with a signed resin monster face medallion tag marking it as one of my one of a kind critters. These dolls are meant to be petted and cuddled a bit but please treat them with care. Wipe the face or paws with a slightly damp cloth to clean any scuffs or dust. They are not rated for young children!

I do not take commissions for dolls or any other custom artwork.

Mel you are killing me

I wish I didn’t suck at and hate sewing. I’ve been seeing a lot of really cool custom dolls and toy-sculptures lately that make m want to try my hand at making them.

This is awesome.

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